M A K E U P F I X : Portfolio Revamp Recap

Hola Chicas!

Its been a while... you know life has been well, life!
The month of September was filled with so many memorable events all of which I am extremely grateful for. One of them was MAKEUP FIX : Portfolio Revamp! 

Today I want to take YOU behind the scenes of MAKEUP FIX : Portfolio Revamp shining some light on our sponsor and some memorable moments! Read more...

M A K E U P F I X : Beauty for the soul

Hola Chicas <3 ! 

Iv been working on this blog for a week now, trying to come up with a witty opening paragraph that would make you laugh, and so far I have nothing! So today I've decided to just write down my thoughts as they come because I am eager for you to read this list I made for you! But what kind of list you ask? Read more...

M A K E U P F I X : Skin Pro Kit Musts

Hola Chicas <3 ! 

I more often than not experience a sudden uneasiness as I set any Makeup products on the counter during check out. It's never easy knowing what will truly work when the modern person is always getting bombarded with advertisements, and highly influeced by social media. Inspired by my MAKEUP FIX: SKIN workshop, today I share with you Kit Worthy Products answering the most frequently asked question I've gotten thus far ...

"How do you achieve flawless makeup application?"

Always answering:

Read more ...

M A K E U P F I X : Bridal Touch-up Kit Musts

Hola Chicas <3

As a Pro MUA I understand the struggle of wanting to include your soul into your Brides Touch-up Kit to insure you are providing her with the quality service and products she deserves, fear no more...you can keep your soul this year!
Today I share with YOU my Makeup Bestie, 3 new secret weapons for this years Bridal Touch-up Kits! Read more ...

M A K E U P F I X : Makeup Bags 101

Hola Chicas <3

Today we are talking bags, small bags, big bags, eye bags-jk... Makeup Bags!

As a Makeup Artist I've been in a fewwwww love\hate relationships with my Makeup Bags, I just couldn't find the right one! I want to save you the drama and make your Makeup Bag love life easy breezy - lemon squeeezy!
 Below are three Makeup Bags designed to fit all your makeup needs!